Based on your feedback, we have revised our pricing.

To keep it affordable for you and operational for us, our monthly/annual Starter, Medium, and Unlimited plans now come in two versions: branded and unbranded. In the branded version, we add a small logo to your calendar page. If you wish to remove the branding, there is a small, additional cost.

Let's break it down further...

We offer 3 plans: Starter, Medium and Unlimited.

Each can be on a monthly or annual basis.

Now we have added another layer: branding.

If you choose a plan with branding you will see a small "Powered by DCE" at the bottom of each calendar. Here is an example:

For comparison, here is the same page without branding:


In each case, the plan version with branding is $5 less expensive per month ($50 less on the annual plans as you get two months free). We think many churches will not mind the small branding, making (DCE) an accessible app for them.

Monthly plans with branding

Monthly plans without branding

Annual plans with branding

Annual plans without branding

You just need to toggle on the Hide "Powered by DCE" Branding button to remove the branding if you wish to do so.

Check out more pricing details here on our website.

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