People need to see your calendar in order to use it. We will do this via the Install tab.

Publishing your calendar

Step 1: Click on Install (blue box below).

Step 2: Toggle on the Published button by clicking it (blue arrow below). The button will turn blue.

Then, click on Submit (brown arrow above).

Sharing your calendar

When your screen refreshes, you will see that you now have a sharable URL (brown box below). As the note on the screen says, this is the URL to use in an email or any Instant Messenger App - like on a mobile phone.

If you want to use this URL, you can copy it by clicking Copy (gold arrow below).

Embedding your calendar on your website

In addition to the Sharable URL, you will also see that both Quick setup and Advanced setup are now active.

Quick setup: a one and done copy/paste. If it works and looks good, you're ready to go.

Advanced setup

The embeddable code is what you need to put your calendar on a website.

Step 1: Copy the html code in #1 and install it into the head of your website. This is a one-time thing. If you cannot access the head of your website, you will include this html code in the next step.

Step 2: Copy the html code in #2.a and put it on the page on which you want the calendar to appear.

If you need to, put the html code from #1 on the page BEFORE or AFTER the html code from #2.a.

If your calendar is not displaying properly, try using the html code from #2.b instead.

As you can see from this example, the html code from #2.a is before the html code from #1.

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