Partners on the medium and unlimited plans can now sync private events and optionally choose to show those on any calendar.

Syncing private events can be huge as you are not forced to add all events to the public calendar. Depending on your workflow, you might enable this for your current calendar or create separate calendars per ministry, and embed those on your group or ministry’s website page(s).

By default, events not added to the public calendar do not get pulled over.

Here is how to pull in your Private Events

Step 1: To give the required API Permission, go to "CCB Sync" --> Edit current sync --> Turn on "Sync private events". This link may be helpful:

Check the box next to Pull private events from all calendars (brown box below).

Note that individual_calendar_listing CCB API endpoint needs to be turned on (brown arrow below).

2. Once this is set, you will see that this particular Sync pulls private events.

3. Finally, on the Calendar Mandatory Information tab, you choose to either show public events (toggle on the Show private events button) or not (leave it greyed out).

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