In Date color, you set the color of all the dates in your calendar. This design option sets the date color for a selected day.

***NOTE: Please keep in mind that besides Date color (link above), this design item has a relationship to other design items such as with Date hover color, Date background hover color, and Cells color.***

To find this design item...

Step 1: After you log in, click on Calendars (brown box below).

The Your Calendars page will open.

Step 2: Choose the calendar you wish to modify (brown box below).

Step 3: Click on Design (brown box below).

Step 4: Scroll down and click on Days and Dates (brown box below).

Step 5: Scroll down until you find the header Selected day color.

To modify this design item...

What is a selected day?

Current day: This is the date it is today on your calendar. As I am writing this, it is September 8. So, the current day is September 8.

Selected day: Perhaps, though, I want to look at another date to check which events are (or were) on that date. In this case, I click on the date I want. Let's say I wanted to check what happened on September 3. September 3 is now my selected day.

As you can see, the color of the date in this square has changed from red to light grey. This is the default.

To choose another color, use the custom color picker.

Custom color picker

Click on Custom and then click on the circle to choose your color. I have chosen green. As you can see, the date of September 3 is now green.

Here is a walkthrough of this option.

Click Save at the bottom of the column to save your changes.

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