These two icons help you get more information about the specific design option.

The eye icon (Spotlight)

Clicking on the eye icon

This causes a green circle to appear somewhere on the calendar or events list. It indicates the place connected to this design option. In other words, if you make changes to the design option, this area will change accordingly.

Here is an example.

We click the eye icon next to Frame color.

The green circle appears. This means that this area is connected to this design option.

As expected, making changes to this design option affects this area.

If you hover over the link icon (mouseover), a tooltip in a black box will pop up (green box). This short phrase/sentence gives you the "big picture" of what this design option does. That may be enough to get you started.

But, let's say you still need more information.

Clicking on this icon will cause you to be redirected to the relevant Help Center article (yellow arrow). Note that the article is for the same design option as above: Frame color (brown box).

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